We are fantastically friendly, energising, encouraging and supportive. In addition to being the ultimate professionals and high achieving athletes who want to share our wealth of experience and success with you!

Meet the coaches...


ACE Performance owner, personal trainer and group training coach

Adam Corlett

E: [email protected]

IG: @ace_performanceuk

P: 07508 164 219

Read more about Adam...

Hi and welcome to my profile! I am the proud owner of our buzzing establishment ACE Performance and it is my personal and business philosophy to bridge the gap between human potential and actual performance. And what gives me the confidence in order to make this vision a reality is through the experience I have gained in being able to push the boundaries of my own fitness and performance levels and also helping to coach many many people into achieving goals they once thought impossible.

ACE was born in New Zealand in 2014 where I set up my first personal training business having studied out there in order to achieve my qualifications. I had the privilege of working with some fantastic mentors whom helped me transition into the fitness world and also the business world. Upon my return to the UK I set up my first personal training studio which quickly grew and the services I was offering were both personal training sessions and group training sessions. My personal passion at that time was beginning to shift from bodybuilding into endurance sports and triathlon became my main target and focus. Having had years of experience in strength training and now coupling my expertise with endurance activities I was becoming a more well rounded athlete and a more well rounded coach. In November 2017 I coached 12 people from my studio to take to the famous Las Vegas strip and complete the marathon and half marathon. 6 debutants at each distance made this a very proud occasion for me - especially in Sin City!

The next ACE adventure involved setting sail to the shores of Thailand and to the island of Koh Samui. I created a health and wellness retreat where guests from around the world would join us in the tropics to enjoy beach workouts, sunset yoga and meditation, excursions around the island and the delights of local cuisine. This was an exhilarating two year experience which involved not only coaching and facilitating our retreats but competing in triathlon and running events all over Asia. Covid however put an abrupt end to this era so it was back to UK soil to commence the next ACE quest.

During the preparation and design stage for ACE Performance I discovered the new functional fitness event - HYROX. Relatively unheard of at the time I began to train for the events and having experience in both strength and endurance I believed I had the credentials and years of training to perform well at the sport. I knew I wanted to base my new facility around HYROX and with the growing popularity of it, and my own performances earning me numerous podium finishes, the vision was set.

We specialise in performance improvement and love nothing more than providing the core training and nutrition principles in order to succeed through exclusive personal training and our group training. I love coaching clients from a point in their lives where they couldn't envisage themselves achieving too much from a sporting and performance standpoint to a position of self respect that they never thought possible. Non runners to marathon finishers, obese to fit as a fiddle, no experience in HYROX to crossing the finish line and looking forward to their next event. This is who we are, this is what we are about, this is ACE Performance.


HYROX Pro Athlete 
PB: 60:48
Overall winner Madrid 2024
7 X Age group winner (35-39)
3rd at World Championships 2024 (35-39) - Nice, France
4th at World Championships 2023 (35-39) - Manchester, UK
HYROX Doubles Champion 
Milan 2023
HYROX Doubles PB: 51:42
3 X Ironman
Cozumel, Mexico
Langkawi, Malaysia
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (PB: 9:46:24)
7 X Half Ironman
Weymouth, UK
Stafford, UK
Lancaster (Epic Man), UK
Pescara, Italy
Bangsaen, Thailand (PB: 4:54:24)
13 X Marathons
4 X New York 
Las Vegas
Gold Coast, Australia
Emilia Romagna
Manchester (PB: 2:49:40)
5K PB: 16:45
10K PB: 36:16
Half Marathon PB: 76:44


Personal trainer and group training coach

Mo Redaoui

E: [email protected]

IG: @builtperformance_

P: 07570 371 555

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Hi, I’m Mo - one of the personal trainers and group coaches at Ace Performance!

I have always been involved in sports from a young age representing my county and numerous academies in football. My insights on performance changed dramatically whilst I began studying my degree in sports and exercise science. Completing this course gave me great insight into how much physiological, psychological and biomechanical factors can alter lifestyle and performance.

I now combine my knowledge and experience to mould specific programmes and classes in order to help people push past their perceived boundaries!

I am a big believer in mental strength and have completed some challenges to test this for myself. I ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 7 days completing a total of 168 miles. I have also completed a 24 hour Ski Erg challenge in which I did 1km every 10 minutes totalling 144km in this time.

In the last couple of years I have been frequently competing in the sport of HYROX, one that has taken the world by storm. The demands physically and mentally is something that I love. I now have a huge passion in learning and developing new training techniques that can help your complete beginners all the way to the elite athletes in this sport!


HYROX Pro Athlete 
PB: 70:28 - Malaga 2024
4th & 5th in age group (25-29)
Raced at World Championships 2024 - Nice, France
HYROX Doubles
PB: 57:23 (Manchester 2024)
PB: 54:11 (Glasgow 2024)
2nd in overall standings
16th fastest relay of all time
Athens Authentic Marathon - 4:09
5K PB: 17:18
10K PB: 38:43
Half Marathon PB: 1:27
Ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 168 hours totalling 168 miles 
Ski-erg: 1KM ski every 10 minutes for 24 hours totalling 144KM 


Personal trainer and group training coach

Alex Ford

E: [email protected]

IG: @alexandra_ford_

P: 07950 460 307

Read more about Alex...

Hi, I'm Alex  - one of the group trainers at ACE Performance. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and, for me, there is no better feeling then being able to support others to achieve goals they once thought would be out of their reach.

Starting at the age of three as a dancer, I enjoyed a full range of sports and competed in many at a local and county level including tennis, hockey, netball and athletics.

I decided to pursue dancing as a professional career before then later opening my own dance school. As part of this I taught people from as young as 2 all the way to 60 years old covering all forms of dance and dance fitness classes.

I have continued to always be an avid gym goer. Over the years I have completed a range of training programmes having gained experience in weight loss programmes, body transformations and body building programmes.

In 2023 I decided to turn my focus to improving and building on my own sporting performance at ACE. Since then I have shifted from an average gym goer to becoming a more well rounded, hybrid athlete that can compete across a range of modalities.

In my first Hyrox season I have competed in four competitions - 3 X singles and 1 X mixed doubles. I have finished 1st in my age category in both singles and doubles, placing in the top 5 overall at these competitions. I have finished top 10 in my age at all competitions and qualified for World Championships on multiple occasions.

In 12 months I have gone from having limited cardiovascular fitness and running experience to now completing 5k and 10k races, half marathons and a full marathon. I regularly have placed in the top 20 women for my age at these races including placing 1st woman to cross the line in multiple events. For me, this is only the beginning of what I hope to achieve and I continue to push myself to further on my existing achievements.


HYROX Athlete 
PB: 68:27 (Bilboa 2024)
1 X Age group winner (30-35)
Raced at World Championships 2024 - Nice, France
HYROX Mixed Doubles
PB: 58:31 (Copenhagen 2024)
1 X Age group winner (30-39)
Raced at World Championships 2024 - Nice, France
5K PB: 21:04
10K PB: 45:05
Half Marathon PB: 1:45:50
Manchester Marathon: 3:31:04


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Testimonials From Our Happy ACE Members

Real people with real words to say about their experience as an ACE member. So many of the people we have worked with had the same goals as you right now - they committed to change, are you ready?

Rebecca Harrison
February 23, 2024

I have been training at Ace the past few months and couldn’t recommend this place enough! The progression you see in yourself and others within such a short period of time is huge and that’s all thanks to Adam and the amazing team at ACE. Everybody is so welcoming and encouraging and always pushing you to do your best. Thank you!

David Linderman
February 20, 2024

I joined ACE performance 12 weeks from Birmingham Hyrox, Adam provided me with a diet and nutrition plan and I also trained 2-3 times a week in the gym The classes were brilliant and the hardest I have trained but equally rewarding. I achieved a new personal best by nearly 20 minutes at Hyrox Birmingham thanks to Adams training and motivation. Looking forward to Birmingham 2024

February 9, 2024

Been here from the beginning and wouldn't go anywhere else, amazing and supportive of all your needs and goals. Most humble and inspirational coach who pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

Hannah Williamson
February 9, 2024

Great gym, with a great coach and a super encouraging atmosphere! 😊

Iain Griffiths
February 9, 2024

I’ve been attending Ace Performance for nearly 3 months and the results have been nothing short of excellent. My fitness levels have improved dramatically. Adam’s knowledge of all aspects of training and nutrition is extensive and impressive. What he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing The studio has a real community feel, you’re always made to feel welcome and make friends whilst you’re there. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you’re at, attending will be positive and only improve you physically and mentally. Well done Adam 💪🏻

Matthew Bateson
February 9, 2024

No better place to train in the northwest! Great Gym and even better coaches.

George Toon
February 9, 2024

Best fitness journey I have been on hands down. Adam has created a fantastic community, everyone is so supportive and no matter what level you are at - they always include you and push you to be better! Adam has gone the extra mile time and time again to provide me with knowledge and advice to better my gym performance and lifestyle choices. We all sign up for lots of events outside of the gym from 5k park runs to marathons and Hyrox’s too. I couldn’t recommend ACE Performance enough, I’m 7 months in and loving every minute of it.

Erin Kennedy
February 9, 2024

What a fantastic gym. I have been training here now for a few months and love it. Adam makes you feel so welcome and everyone is so friendly. Amazing gym atmosphere. If you ever have gym anxiety and worry about walking into an unknown gym this is the one for you. The support is amazing.

Emilys Hair
January 7, 2024

I’ve always struggled with confidence when it come to gyms but training with Adam at Ace has really changed that for me. HIGHLY recommend!!

Gary Scott
December 22, 2023

Real decent guy . Real decent facility . Due to family and other commitments I drop in this gym when I can . And I know what I’m gonna get . Real decent / well planned workout by not only a good guy . But a first class athlete. So can’t recommend this place enough …

November 24, 2023

Fantastic coach, always encouraging and wanting you to better yourself. If you want to get fit and strong Adam is your man. Highly recommended 🌟

Zach Hamilton
August 30, 2023

Hands down, best choice I've made training with Adam

Nina Parry
April 25, 2023

I’ve been training with Adam and the team at Ace Performance since the facility opened nine months ago. In that time, I have achieved things that I didn’t think were possible. Adam makes you realise your full potential and guides and encourages you to reach it, bringing enthusiasm to each session. His knowledge and passion on training and fitness is second to none. The facility has a great environment, top equipment and is super well organised making it comfortable for people of all levels to train in. What makes training at Ace unique is the solid community of like-minded people who are resilient, supportive and friendly - they genuinely want the best for you as well as themselves. I cannot recommend Ace Performance enough. Anyone looking for a new challenge, regardless of current fitness levels, in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment should come along and join the team.

Rosie Peplow
April 23, 2023

Ive just completed the 28 day challenge at Adams gym. The classes have been absolutely amazing and I've never worked so had in all my life!! Ive learned so much in the 28 days and its been a great conference booster... Im not keen on going off the scales and Adam has facilitated this and been very supportive of any issues i have. Adam is very knowledgeable, friendly and appropriate and the gym has a lovely little "family" feel already I already know that i will get good results and the support i need if i carry on...

Sam A
April 23, 2023

I have recently completed a 28 day challenge at Ace Performance with Adam and his team. The facility itself is superb with top of the range equipment. Adam provides a welcoming and friendly environment to train in. Adams knowledge is second to none and him and Rachael have encouraged me in every session. I’ve pushed myself and tried new things and they have corrected my technique and given me tips to make sure my work out was more effective. I have learnt so much about nutrition and the importance of rest and recovery and that there’s so much more than just a number on the scales. I feel fitter, stronger and much more positive for having taken part in this challenge. If you’re looking for somewhere new to train or if you’re training for something in particular I can’t recommend Adam and Ace Performance enough. Absolutely outstanding. I will be continuing at Ace Performance. I’m excited for what the future holds for these guys. Congratulations Adam, keep doing what you’re doing, there’s no where else in Warrington like it!

Natalie Cooper
April 22, 2023

I joined ACE Performance in March as part of the 28 day supercharge challenge and its one of the best things I have done. The classes are second to none and Adam and his team pushed me both mentally and physically to get the very best out of me. I feel fitter, stronger and overall healthier and I can't wait to continue my journey at ACE. If you are looking to challenge yourself with amazing, talented coaches then ACE is the place for you. I would highly recommend to anyone to get involved and give it a go. You will certainly not be disappointed.

jodie chadwick
April 22, 2023

This is a superb training facility, Adam (the founder) is a true leader who leads by example being an incredible athlete himself, with true credibility. The ACE team have exemplary knowledge and expertise and always make you feel so welcome. The classes are brilliant and the community spirit adds to feeling part of the team, we all cheer each other on. I could not recommend enough.

Matthew Ledger
February 17, 2023

Adam is a fantastic PT! he was approachable, supportive and full of great advice. I worked with Adam with a focus on dropping body fat, increasing my overall fitness, improving my diet/ nutrition and learning some new workouts / exercises - by working with him I achieved all of my goals and I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Grace Edwards
February 13, 2023

I've trained with Adam both at his retreats and with online support. He is an enthusiastic and encouraging personal trainer who gently pushes you to do your best, no matter what your level of fitness (or age!!!). I would highly recommend him

Paul Hennessey
February 10, 2023

I've had Adam as my Personal Trainer for over a year now and his commitment and tuition is great. Best trainer ever 💪🏻

Christopher Welsh
February 4, 2023

Adam is an excellent personal trainer. He was able to tailor a complete exercise and nutrition program to my specific goals. Adam is incredibly personable and a strong motivator, keeping me on track for continuous improvement

Byron Howarth
February 3, 2023

Adam has helped me immensely in the past year. Working with him on an intense virtual program I was able to achieve and even surpass the goals we initially set together. Now this year he is helping me train for a half marathon, something I wouldn’t have been able to consider training for 12 months ago! Adam’s greatest strength is getting your mindset in the right place and I would recommend anyone work with him for this alone!

Chris Heyes
February 1, 2023

On completing my plan and journey with Adam i must say it is the best place i have been both physically and mentally. It wasn’t just the sessions that helped me, Adam’s continued support and guidance was fantastic. It has made me confident in the gym and give me a better understanding of how to get the best out of a workout. Can’t wait to get back on the ACE journey soon.

January 31, 2023

Adam is an exceptional trainer - he really cares about helping the individual to achieve their best. He tailors his plans around the individuals needs, rather than just following a template. I can highly recommend Adam - no matter what your fitness levels or desired outcomes - Adam will help you to be the best version of yourself.

Geoff Jones
January 31, 2023

Adam is a first class personal trainer and nutritional adviser. The workouts are challenging but the effort is worth it. I lost 10kg in weight over three months and improved my muscle toning. 100% recommend Adam and Ace Academy

Shaila Contractor
January 30, 2023

I trained with Adam a few years ago. I have never had a great trainer like him ever since. Adam helped me with my body transformation challenge, and I couldn't have achieved my goal with his support and guidance. My goal was his goal. He is very passionate about what he does and is very professional in his approach. He is driven and not afraid to challenge your limits.I would highly recommend his services if you are serious about health and fitness.

Stephen Rundell
January 30, 2023

Adam is an excellent trainer. One of the few who truly knows his science and will ensure you train right and train well whatever your goals and objectives. Also a stand up guy. Reliable. Supportive. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Mandy Rimmer
January 30, 2023

Having worked with Adam at the ACE academy since April last year I cannot recommend Adam enough. When I started training with Adam I had already lost a substantial amount of weight and had been training constantly to drop weight . I had that last stone that I wanted to shift as I was at a plateau. Working with Adam to get my nutrition on point and starting to train with a purpose pushed me to that level . Having never been a runner in the past I started to train for a 10 k , saw some real good improvements and have finished three half marathons and I’m training for the full one in Manchester . Never ever thought I would be doing this and really enjoying it snd look forward to my runs . Never would off happened without Adam’s coaching and support . It’s not just the training we do it’s the invaluable advice given regularly. I get so much benefit out of our sessions and always look forward to the training. Adam has helped me realise that we all have that potential within us to achieve our goals . He can give you the tools but you have to do it . Still got loads off things to achieve and I know I have 💯 support. So if you are ready to hold yourself accountable Adam will get you to your goals . You won’t be disappointed. You will always be greeted with a friendly smile and enthusiasm. Go get your goal

Rachel Curson
April 2, 2019

We are a friendly, welcoming gym who loves to welcome new people in to our community.

What are you waiting for? We can't wait to help you achieve your goals!

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